Loma del Mar History

Over 100 years ago many foreigners purchased land close to the border and when most it was foreigner owned those owners decided they didn’t want to belong to Mexico any longer and asked for assistance from the US Government to secede from Mexico. As the result of two wars, Mexico lost two-thirds of its territory. To avoid this from happening again the Mexican Government established a “Forbidden Zone” prohibiting foreigners from owning land 100 km from the border and 50 km from the Sea except through a Bank Trust.

Mr. and Mrs. Grossman purchased the land that is commonly known as Loma del Mar in the late 70’s and established a Mexican Corporation called Inmobiliaria Loma del Mar (ILM) that owns the land. ILM then applied for and received a license from the State to build a recreational park, Loma del Mar. They then established a club called San Carlos Trailer Club (SCTC), which is a non-profit organization because foreigners could not be part of a corporation that owned land, and began selling “Memberships”.

Originally a trailer park of trailers and motorhomes with casitas, ramadas and bodegas, Loma del Mar has become a mix of unique homes including full size luxury houses.

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