Loma del Mar Club Amenities

•  Palapa Entertainment Center   •  Pool, Spa & Bathhouse   •  Cultural Center   •  Library   •  Cable TV   •  Internet   •  Green Spaces   • Gardens   •  Water Storage Indoors & Outdoors

There's always something to enjoy at the park!

pool and spapoolside seating

The pool, spa, and bathhouse are at the center of the complex. The pool is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer to a comfortable 85 degrees. It is cleaned and serviced every day.

picnic areaLoma del Mar library and office

The cultural center has a full kitchen, a large meeting room, lounge and mail box center. The park office, library and laundry have entrances on the outside of the building. Loma del Mar has 14,000 square feet of gardens and green spaces. That's about 3.5 acres!

Loma del Mar cultural centerLoma del Mar green space

The heart of the park is the Palapa entertainment center. It's a great place for parties, yoga, belly dancing, & excercise classes, karaoke, concerts, fiestas & feasts.

Loma del Mar palapa and entertainment centerpalapaMexican dance performanceartist in palapa

Park Cable TV - Includes 22 English language cable channels including four Tucson based network stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox)

Water Storage - We have three separate water reservoirs with 200,000 gallon capacity - larger than any other known private system in northwestern Mexico. That's a very big thing in Mexico's Tinaca water Sytem.

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